Monday, June 27, 2011


Five weeks ago today marks the time from the morning of my sudden brain hemorrhage.  We are so very grateful for the way things have turned out given the scary circumstance and feel God's goodness and protection in many many ways.  When I look back on the past year, I see his hand in lots of little details preparing us for this Patrick's move to a new (and wonderful) firm which has provided us excellent health insurance (10 days in the ICU is not cheap) as well as the flexibility for him to take lots of time off, the selling of our small business a few months ago, having only one week left to finish for our school year when the bleed occurred (Sophie got a freebie!), and countless other little things that have been and continue to be so comforting to think about during this crazy experience.  I feel I have been given a second chance to live life.  Life for sure is a gift and can change in the blink of an eye...

Monday morning, May 23rd:
Patrick had just brought me a cup of coffee in bed around 7: 15.  He had lovingly been getting up with the kiddos every morning so that I could sleep in a little being in my third trimester.  I sat up to drink my coffee and in a matter of seconds an intense pain instantly hit the back of my head.  It quickly spread forward and then down my neck.  I told Patrick at first that I had a sudden headache that I thought was really weird since headaches usually build slowly.  He Googled "third trimester migraine" on his phone.  The point at which the pain spread down my neck I knew something was really wrong.  After calling my OB we left very quickly for the ER and thankfully were seen almost immediately once checked in.  The pain continued to get worse which I didn't think was possible.  Definitely worse than two all natural childbirths combined.  The narcotics they gave me to manage the pain did nothing.  Being 32 weeks pregnant complicated things tremendously.  The tests and drugs which normally would have been given had to be weighed carefully with the risks to the baby.  I eventually had an MRI done which came back normal.  A short time later another type of MRI scan, an MRV, was ordered and revealed the "sub-arachnoid" bleeding in my brain.  I vaguely recall a flurry of doctors/nurses and being taken to the ICU which would be my new home for the next 10 days.  My massive headache continued until around 9:45pm when I was finally given just the right combo of narcotics and steroids.  I didn't sleep at all that night or the following (due to the heavy dose of steroids), but was so happy to be pain free that I gladly watched the clock tick. 

After three cerebral angiograms (a test where contrast dye is shot up through the femoral artery into the brain and then x-ray ed) over the the course of 10 days it appears "highly unlikely" that the bleed was caused by an aneurysm.  Great news for sure, but what did cause it?  Well, no one really knows.  Comforting?  Not so much, but the fact that I have a greater chance of being struck by lightening twice brings a bit of reassurance.  Apparently I had the rarest of all brain hemorrhages as well as the most benign and with no discernible cause.  Couple that with my age, pregnancy, no family history, nor any recent head trauma and I am probably one of 5 in which this has ever occurred.  I'm an "anomaly"!  Yes, just what I was going for of course.

My wonderful neurologist said the recovery time would be a minimum of 4 weeks.  I have felt pretty well the last week other than being REALLY pregnant and ready for the baby to come.  My strength is slowly but surely coming back, along with my ability to concentrate on things (such as reading/writing).  We have been pleasantly surprised that I have not had many headaches (which were expected) since returning home.   

The hospital care we received was incredible.  The ICU nurses were amazing, along with the nurses from labor/delivery who came to monitor the baby three times per day.  Aside from some differing opinions between my neurologist and neuro-surgeon, the care from multiple physicians was also phenomenal.  I am super grateful for the providers from my OB practice and the care they have shown through this whole ordeal.  I'll obviously be seeing a lot more of them in the very near future... 

While the time in the hospital was incredibly difficult for me personally and for our family, I honestly would not change one thing about it.  There was and continues to be a good purpose in it and we are so very grateful for the Lord's healing.

Our children did beautifully considering that I had never been away from any of them for more than 36 hours.  That was probably the hardest part of my hospital stay - just missing them terribly, especially on Thomas' birthday.  Patrick and I decided that the next time we are apart from them for 10 days it will be for a vacation!  A wise friend said "you guys really need to get out more!"  Yes, indeed. 

We are overwhelmed by the amount of help that has come from both near and far.  Thankful does not even begin to do justice to our family, friends, and neighbors.  Childcare, meals, yard work, notes, flowers, treats, care packages etc. have been given so generously.  Above all we have felt the prayers of many and are so appreciative for the constant support.

Being home with our family has been a wonderful step up from the ICU as I continue to rest and heal.  Each day I am amazed at how my perspective on life, marriage and motherhood has changed.  Grateful beyond words sums it up.

"This God - his way is perfect; the word of the Lord proves true;
he is a shield to those who take refuge in him."
- 2 Samuel 22:31

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


I really really enjoyed reading this today...
The Habits that Make all the others possible

"Because life is not a thing to be wrestled with, subdued and conquered; life’s a beauty to be considered. God didn’t say control the landscape, but to consider long the lilies."

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Can't wait to welcome another baby into our family! And just when I said I would really never want to have a baby in the middle of the summer...July 14th. God has a wonderful sense of humor doesn't He?

Ultrasound at 12.5 weeks...

Monday, September 13, 2010

Summer Recap

Well, since the ENTIRE summer went by with nary a post, I'm doin a little catch up...

Thomas turned FOUR. Learned to ride his bike never using training wheels. Got a full size youth hockey goal. Had a party at a nearby park/creek. Lovin life.

Patrick accepted a job offer from a new firm. Great people, interesting cases. 10 minute commute. All around great. Worked 30 days straight. Including on his birthday and Father's Day. On his way home from work on a SATURDAY, he was hit by an elderly lady who ran a red light - SUV totalled. VERY thankful no one was hurt.

But Henry said I could borrow his car...

Better work hours, no car accidents, a fun Fourth of July parade in our neighborhood (some rad float making too), and celebration of our 9Th wedding anniversary. Words cannot possibly express how grateful I am for my husband. LOVE pretty much sums it up.

Hank turned TWO. I literally remembered the afternoon before. Promptly spent an hour and a half in our favorite toy store with the kiddos and my mom. Good times. LuLu brought over vanilla steamers and pastries for breakfast. Don't judge, it's just milk laced with vanilla syrup (that he consumes in less than 30 seconds) - what's not to like about that? Pizza for dinner and cupcakes for dessert. Wonderful day spent at home. It's amazing how "partyish" life can be with three kids.

Thomas gave himself a bang trim...

Soph was a flower girl in a dear friend's wedding. Best time in all her six years staying up late dancing until 11pm. Wants to become a professional flower girl actually. Amazing wedding complete with lots of good Irish folk, great friends, food, and drink. It took us all at least a week to recover from the festivities.

Patrick's boss, Irnie, invited us down to his farm in Castle Rock. The kiddos gathered fresh eggs from the barn, rode a horse, and took a tour of the farm in the scoop of a John Deere front end loader. Really fun day!

Sophie started in a homeschool enrichment program 1.5 days a week through a local charter school. Her favorite teacher is Mrs. Bacon. It was meant to be. She loves it, I love it, everyone is happy.

School in our home started right after our annual Labor Day trip to Pecos, NM. Which will be a whole nother post. It was awesome...

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Thursday, April 15, 2010


Some things never change. Like God's infinite love for us. And some things constantly change. Like children. I feel surrounded by change lately. Change in major life things and change in teenie tiny things. Change is often challenging for me but I know it is a necessary part of life, and without it there is no growth. So rather than fear it (which is my usual inclination) I'm trying my best to embrace it, be hopeful in it, and desire it. Because really, when it comes right down to how God created us, change can be incredibly beautiful.

I have been reminded quite a lot recently that "the days are long but the years are short." I can imagine looking back over these days in utter amazement at just how darn fast they went by, how sweet they have been, and how much change takes place in growing up.

And in the blink of an eye, my baby is now my boy...

Friday, February 19, 2010

Sweet Friends

Three of the Molitor children came over to play one afternoon a few weeks ago. Having six kiddos running around the house gave me a teenie tiny taste of what it is like for the their family of seven and for Patrick's sister with her NINE. Right now, having three is totally manageable.
Sophie and Ruthie enjoyed doing school work together, Thomas and Walter played hockey and acted just as boys should, Henry and Rebecca followed each other around like sweethearts. We ventured to the park across the street and on our walk home stopped by the creek for some "exploring". Lots of giggling and makebelieve was had by all.